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Welcome to the official website for ECO POWER Egypt company for Integrated Solar Power Solutions. We offer a variety of services. Starting from the installation on site and operation, to the delivery of the EU quality products, to the design and customisation of the site needs for solar plants.
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Gain energy independence

We provide all kinds of systems. On Grid as well as OFF-Grid solar systems. Solar parks for day usage and around the clock usage with batteries. The range of inverters we have meets all diverse needs of our clients.

Plug into the sun!

Our systems are simply customised to your needs. No efforts needed with our turn key solutions.


Our team includes highly dedicated and Certified engineer for solar systems and highly trained technecians.

We use site safety standards. 

We listen to your needs

We believe in our innovative solutions

Energy at no cost

One of the main reasons why you should turn now to solar is because of its financial benefits on the medium-long term, with satisying return on investment.

what we do

We present skillful labour for installation and operation. We can deliver a varity of high quality solar cells and invertors. We do design and come up with customised solutions for specific site needs.
We listen to your needs, and provide an optimum system to them.
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Make the sun works for you